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At Sass & Sass, Inc. we welcome research collaborations.

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Over the years, our partners have included veterinarian practitioners, academic researchers and industry. Our close collaboration with Dr. Alfred M. Legendre, DVM, Professor, Director of Research, Small Animal Teaching Hospital, University of Tennessee, a leading US expert in feline and canine diseases has been crucial in establishing applications of our lead product, Polyprenyl Immunostimulant in cats, and more information is available here.

On molecular mechanisms, we are also collaborating with Dr. John Biggerstaff the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

We are grateful to Rhonda Bender, formerly of Oak Ridge Animal Shelter, who pioneered the use of our product. We have had productive collaborations with Drs. Brian Davison of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Dean Crick of Colorado State University and Kazuhiro Oka of Baylor College of Medicine.

We are welcoming more collaborations because we believe that our innovative approaches and products will benefit from the experience and input that our collaborators bring in.

Please contact us if you are interested in exploring the possibility of a research collaboration with us.

Sass & Sass, Inc. believes in the ethical treatment of animals in research. No animal in clinical studies should be subject to cruel or painful treatment. All animals on the studies receive symptomatic therapy as needed. Sass & Sass, Inc. believes that study animals should not be euthanised but should be provided a chance through adoption and be treated like any owned pet. Sass & Sass, Inc. does not purposely infect animals with fatal diseases and does not support any research that does. For years, Sass & Sass, Inc. has worked with communities and individuals on adopting out research animals, and many pictures on his site feature ex-participants in clinical trials. We expect that all our collaborating scientists practice the same approach to animal research and welfare.